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As well as offering a bespoke tile hand-painting service, we supply a huge range of hand-made and hand-painted tiles from a number of different artists and factories. Popular subjects for these include such things as animals, flowers, fruit, bees, butterflies, fish, words, trees or repeating patterns taken from nature or age old traditional designs.


The colours used can be understated and subtle, or bold and brassy – depending upon the effect you want to create. The bespoke hand-painting service is popular for areas such as panels behind AGA cookers, or on bath surrounds.

Quality crafted hand painted tiles - Edinburgh

- Hand painted tiles

- Bespoke design tiles

- Hand picked selection of artists

- High quality tiles

- Created to your specific requirements

- Affordable rates

Beautifully bespoke!

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Roman Gold mix landscape hand made & hand painted tiles

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Chateaux Mix on Truffle hand made and hand painted tiles

Roman Gold Mix

Chateaux Mix On Truffle